Alessandra Roqueta

Photojournalist | Creative Marketing

I’ll always remember the night my Costa Rican host mom woke me up in a panic to help her kill a snake that was running rampant in the middle of our jungle home. It was this homestay at thirteen that first threw me into the throngs of the travel-obsessed.


From there my interest in other cultures led me to pursue a degree in Anthropology at Cornell University. I spent a year living abroad in Italy, learning the language and eating my weight in pasta; learned the importance of a minimalist lifestyle and the true meaning of spicy while backpacking through Southeast Asia; and spent the last four years falling in love with Spain, from the Galicia’s traditional bagpipes and octopus in the north to Andalucia’s renowned flamenco and jamon iberico in the South.


Now I’m back in my native Southern California ready to begin a new adventure!




2008 – 2009
Cornell Abroad | Travel Journalist

2010 – 2012
Tours4Fun | Marketing Manager

2013 – 2015
Samsung Camera | Photoblogger

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte | Cultural Language Ambassador

2012 – 2017
Mountain Travel Sobek | Marketing Manager

2017 – Present
Lure Agency | Content Strategist

2017 – Present
Eldorado Stone | Marketing Specialist

“Always searching for new ways to combine all my interests into one: a mish-mash of anthro-inspired exploring, snapping away with my camera, and catching some serious surf stoke”